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Westec Environmental Solutions, LLC (WES) was founded with a very clear vision; to develop new technology for the benefit of our planet.

Westec International, Ltd., a Chicago-based management and marketing company, partnered with Peletex, a Hawaii based R&D company, to form Westec Environmental Solutions, LLC in 2009. International operations for the partnership were set up in London.

Our Company Inventor

The technology development team at Peletex has been innovating for over a decade, starting in 1999 in a garage on Maui, Hawaii. Roy Pellegrin developed a filter to capture drywall dust at building sites. In the process, he discovered a fundamental new filtering technology, the Aqueous-Froth Air (AFA) Filter.

Sandia LabsFrom 2005 to 2007, the Pacific International Center for High-Technology Research funded R&D with Peletex to contract with Sandia National Laboratories, where the AFA Filter was tested for use with their decontamination foam. Nucleation provided the capacity to capture smaller particles than conventional air filtration systems. Testing against anthrax achieved 99.999% capture and kill results.

AFA Filter

Roy soon after realized that the AFA Filter was an effective technology for capturing carbon dioxide, and began researching current carbon capture and sequestration technologies and developing his own CCS related patents. Roy's most recent discoveries and applications include multi-pollutant scrubbers for all types of industrial pollutants, including heavy metals and sulfur dioxide.

In 2010, WES entered into a joint venture partnership with Process Group, an engineering company based in Australia and one of the forerunners in producing CCS plants. This partnership is leading the way to quick commercialization.

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