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November 30, 2011

Chicago based Westec Environmental Solutions WES: London, England and Australia

November 30, 2011 - Constance Anderson-Sweatt, Chicago Foreign Affairs Examiner, www.examiner.com

Chicago based Westec Environmental Solutions, LLC (WES) has recently extended its operations from the United States and London, England to Australia. The technology driven company specializes in developing products that reduce carbon, natural gas processing, gas purification and solvent emissions, minimizing pollution and aiding in the reduction of greenhouse gasses.

"The mounting degradation of the biosphere is a byproduct of the rapidly expanding population and the technological changes that began with the industrial revolution"(Rourke-Boyer 2010). 

With the changes in America and the global economic and environmental climates there are many concerns. Keeping in mind all of the endless possibilities of the digital era, humans should continue to strive towards balancing the use of emerging technology with its effects on the planet. Creating efficient;ways to meet human needs are counterproductive if the sustainment of the environment which fosters human growth in every way is neglected.

In the present time where economic growth is ever dependent on technology Westec Environmental Solutions is expanding and advancing steadily into unchartered territory. In all of the ways technology makes human life much easier it has also sent the planet and everything on it into a downward spiral. As people learn more and solve problems faster, therein has developed sobering reality and a race against time to transform the miracle of technology in such a way that there is preservation of quickly depleting natural resources and restoration of natural and ecological balance to the planet as a whole. WES understands this.

The market for WES Technologies is global and dynamic including petrochemical plants, fertilizer manufacturing, pharmaceutical companies, cement production, oil and gas: liquefied natural gas and industrial gas industries. WES has patented Advanced Gas Absorption Technology.  WES Absorption technology aids the global community in meeting greenhouse gas emission (GHG) targets. In February 2007 the debate concerning greenhouse gas emissions prompted President George Bush to sign into law the Consolidated Appropriations Act (2008). This law led to the development of a U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Registry. Tracking greenhouse gas emissions is a recent undertaking by scientists and policymakers in an effort to create accurately gauge and mitigate emissions. Maintaining accurate databases for collection, verification and compliance is an important task for creating and implementing future policies concerning emissions standards. Strong international relationships concerning global initiatives for emissions policy planning and mitigation is beneficial to the global economic climate and environmental climate.

WES Research and Development is headquartered in Hawaii.

More information on WES Absorbertm technology is available at the recently launched website: www.wes-worldwide.com.

Process Group is a leading design-build engineering firm based in Melbourne, Australia. Process Group is a global supplier of packaged process systems and complete process trains for the oil and gas production, refining, petrochemical and carbon capture industries. Process Group maintains completely integrated sales, design, engineering and fabrication facilities in both Melbourne (Australia) and Abu Dhabi (UAE). http://www.processgroup.com.au/

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