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June 20th, 2011

WES, LLC Absorber Featured in Brown Coal Innovation Australia Grant

New CO2 Capture System Being Tested

An innovative system for capturing carbon dioxide from power stations will be developed for field-scaletesting by the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC), following a grantfrom Brown Coal Innovation Australia (BCIA).

The three year $4.2 million project will allow CO2CRC to further develop the system, UNO Mk 3, by modifying and relocating an existing capture plant to International Power's Hazelwood power station inVictoria. In a separate project, a CO2CRC small to medium enterprise partner, Process Group, will use thenew plant for testing a new state-of-the-art WES Absorber™ Technology absorption column.

The CO2CRC project will develop a computer model of the process to facilitate scale-up, along withlarge-scale designs and costs for equipment items, with the aim of making the system "power station ready".

"The capture process is generally the most expensive part of a carbon capture and storage (CCS) system," said Professor Dianne Wiley, CO2CRC Capture Program Manager.

"CO2CRC's UNO process has been shown to potentially reduce capture costs by 15 to 20 per cent, thereby saving millions of dollars a year and substantially lowering the costs of the whole CCS system."

The UNO Mk 3 system, developed by the CO2CRC solvent team at The University of Melbourne, usespotassium carbonate, an environmentally benign compound similar to baking soda, to capture CO2 fromlarge industrial sources for storage. The solvent used is non-volatile (will not evaporate) and oxygen-tolerant (will not break down over time).

The new system not only promises significant energy efficiencies and environmental benefits but alsofeatures removal of SOx and NOx impurities, producing a by-product that can potentially be used in fertilisermanufacture. A worldwide provisional patent is pending.

"A major accelerator for the project has been the ability to trial the new solvent and refine the process underindustrial conditions," said Professor Wiley. "That research has been supported by the Victorian Governmentthrough their ETIS program and CO2CRC industry and government partners."

In addition, the solvent technology research will create training opportunities for PhD students, post-doctorialresearch fellows, a research assistant and a site engineer in cost-effective design and operation of solvent-based CO2 capture.

Further information: Professor Dianne Wiley, +61 2 9385 9754, 0400 001 768, dwiley@co2crc.com.au
Media enquiries: Tony Steeper, 0417 697 470, tsteeper@co2crc.com.au

CO2CRC collaborates with leading international and national CCS experts to conduct world-class research into carbon capture andstorage. Organisations participating in CO2CRC research include Geoscience Australia, CSIRO and the Universities of Adelaide, Curtin,Melbourne, Monash, NSW and Western Australia.
Industry and State core partners supporting CO2CRC are Anglo American, ANLEC R&D, BG Group, BHP Billiton, BP Australia, BrownCoal Innovation Australia, Chevron, Foundation for Research Science and Technology (NZ), GNS Science (NZ), INPEX, KIGAM, NSWIndustry & Investment, QER, QLD Department of Mines and Energy, Rio Tinto, Sasol, Schlumberger, Shell, Solid Energy, Stanwell,Total, the Victorian Department of Primary Industries, WA Department of Mines and Petroleum and Xstrata.

Supporting Partners are The Global CCS Institute, The University of Queensland, Process Group, Lawrence Berkeley NationalLaboratory, the Government of South Australia, CANSYD Australia, Charles Darwin University and Simon Fraser University (Canada).

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