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WES absorber comparison

The WES Absorber provides powerful new solutions for all applications where gas/liquid absorption or scrubbing occurs.

The WES Absorber froth column is unlike any currently available gas/liquid absorber.

The WES Absorber creates a micro-froth matrix that dramatically intensifies mass transfer. This micro-froth matrix mass transfer provides a remarkable increase in absorption surface area compared to conventional gas/liquid absorbers.

The WES Absorber differs from conventional absorption technology by utilizing co-current absorption, rather than counter current. With this, WES is able to operate at gas velocities far in excess of those tolerated in conventional gas/liquid absorbers, without significant solvent losses through entrainment and flooding. The efficiency of the WES process increases with increasing gas velocity- a characteristic truly unique to WES.

The WES Absorber has been demonstrated in laboratory trials to achieve an equilibrium stage in a one meter high section. Multiple co-current equilibrium stages can be implemented in series to allow target gas to reach ppm levels. This gives the WES absorber the flexibility of counter-current conventional packing absorber, but only requires a fraction of their height.

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